Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note Edge

Along with the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung also announced a separate version of the device that packs a display that curves over one side of the device. The curved display¬†on the side of the device acts independently from the main 5.7inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display. This allows users to launch apps and access media…

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Galaxy Note 4

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung today announced the Galaxy Note 4 at it’s Unpacked Episode 2 event in Berlin. The phone looks very familiar, but this isn’t a problem as samsung has been slightly upgrading the Note for 4 years now. Samsung phones are usually plastic, but the Note 4 has a notable metal band wrapping around the device.…

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Case-Mate Barely There Case Review

I like cases that feel like I have no case at all, and still provide coverage to the most important areas, I went to Case-mate with the idea of looking at their Barely There case, and luckily, they were more than happy to provide me with such an item, in which I thank them. When…

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Review: Elago G5 Slim Fit Leather Case

I have always liked the look of flip cases, whether it be a horizontal flip or a vertical variation. I also like the use of leather in cases. Luckily Elago was on hand to offer me both with their G5 Slim Fit Leather Flip case. I opted for the Jean Indigo version of the case,…

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Review: Urban Armor Gear cases

When I was looking at cases for my S3, I came across a company called Urban Armor Gear, who makes cases that are designed to be rugged and survive some pretty hefty punishment, I thank them for sending me the cases they have for review, I have the Aero and Outland cases. I found the…

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Review: Switcheasy Cases

I have recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3, and instantly started looking at cases to protect it, Switcheasy were my first choice from word of mouth from other users. The cases they gave me was the Flow, Nude and Nebula models. Switcheasy Flow First I shall give my thoughts on the Flow. The case…

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S3 Fire 2

Galaxy S III Bursts into Flames While Charging

Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night, to find that your smart phone has set on fire. This is what happened to a Samsung Galaxy S III owner a couple of nights ago. This is how he described it in a post on Reddit: Last night at about 3:15am EST (about 1…

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